Thursday, February 9, 2012

CHA and some Photos

Takes me a bit, but finally getting around to posting some photos from CHA.  What a dream and it was so wonderful to see friends again and meet new ones too!!!

CHA 2012 at the Anaheim Convention Center in California.  What an awesome experience!!!
Gordon and Robert were here from England to demonstrate in the Scor-Pal booth.  They did some great demos on the products and of course showed some new must have things coming to Scor-Pal too.

The mini tags all colored for display.  My friends are always asking me what I'm doing and I say coloring mini tags!  No, I didn't do all of them, but quite a few!!!!  :)  Now they really know I was!
Special treat at Bubba Gumps Shrimp Company.  Great food and even better people!  Stomach hurt from laughing so much!  That waiter had his hands full with this group!!!
Bronlyn, Mindy, Angie, Sharon, Me, Cabio, Suzanne, Diana, Suzan, Bev, Jacque.
Two amazing ladies....Suzanne and Diana!!!
The Floral Punch Card Group!!!  What a fun time!!!
Suzan, Jacque, Bev, Cabio, Diana, Me, Bronlyn, Sharon, Angie, Mindy
Me, Bronlyn, Diana, Sharon, Cabio, Sharon, Jacque, Mindy, Bev, Angie
A dream come true for me and the bonus was to work with such fabulous people!  Definitely want to thank Diana and Roy from the bottom of my heart for this fantastic experience.

Roy, Cabio, Me, Gordon, Mindy, Robert, Angie, Diana
I got to meet Cabio and Mindy for the first time!!!  Real sweeties!!!  Cabio and I got to share a room for part of the time and it takes a few hours of sleep deprivation to be able to talk about everything!
And it sure pays to visit with people in the shuttle from the airport to the hotel!  I got to meet Lorraine (Lols) of Lorraine's Loft from England now living in Malta and coincidentally she was looking forward to meeting Sharon Caudle too!  We also went on a little shopping trip and had a great time just visiting.

An adventure of a lifetime that I will always treasure!  Saw some of the new products, but the most important thing was the people.

Enjoy every day!
Patti Jo


Rhonda Miller said...

Looks like a lot of fun.

Only By His Grace said...

Love the photo's Patti Jo. It must have been so lovely to meet everyone. So glad you had a fab time.
Hugs Maz

Sharon Caudle said...

Patti Jo, I can't tell you what a treat it was to finally meet you in person! You are an amazing artist, and a true sweetheart! I sure hope we get to do this again!!!
big hugs! Sharon

Sandy said...

Wonderful, wonderful pictures dear heart - sure do envy the experience. Would dearly love to meet you and Sharon!!

Jean said...

I am sooooo jealous Patti Jo.. They all said you gave them a class making flowers... Oh it just made me sooooo jealous, but one day you will come down her to give me a lesson, one on one or I will come up there.. or I will just learn on my own.. Love your pictures and would love to meet all of you in person since I feel like I know each of you so well.. and each of you are all so sweet!


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