Friday, August 21, 2009

Blogging is not for the Indecisive!!!

So after a week of off and on, changing this or that, moving and shuffling, learning widgets, whatsits and whosits, I'm putting on a few more of my original floral cards.

Friend Marion recommended that I increase the size of the image enlargements, so attempting that even though now all the glue oozes, wrinkles, smudges and other unintentional embellishments will show up much better!!!

Speaking of Marion, check out her blog here to see her winning entry in the Spellbinders Pendant Contest! Woohoo, Congratulations Marion! Also check out all her other wonderful creations! Amazing!!!

Back to my beginnings in paper flowers:


Only by His Grace said...

Yippeeee! more cards.
Good for you Patti Jo. You cards have been beautiful right from the start. I love them.
They are so much better in this size as now I can double click on them to bring them up bigger.
No! I didn't see any glue marks, wrinkles or any such thing. You have given me a good idea for my new spellbinders Poinsettia die when it comes.

Hugs Marion

linhpeterson said...

Your work is amazing, as I've told you many times. Great job on the blog. Looking forward to more designs. Have a great day. Lin


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