Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Looking Up Snowman!

Had several requests as to how I made the snowman on the card from the last post.  Here are a few pictures of the punches I used, the sizes of punches, how the pieces were trimmed and a side view to see the layers of foam tape.  This is the version of snowman that had the Rhinoplasty!!!  :)
Nestabilities could be used for the circles in place of the punches and the sizes could vary too!

Hope this is helpful for anyone wanting to make them, they are a little putzy, but fun!!!

As always thanks for stopping by and always appreciate the comments....so heart warming!!!
Enjoy the day!!!
Patti Jo


KarinsArtScrap said...

hi patti jo, what a lovely idea
this is really great.

greetings karin

Only By His Grace said...

Thanks for the Tutorial Patti Jo.
I'll give these a go and make sure they aren't put in the Aussie sun Hehe.
Hugs Maz

danibecki55 said...

Thanks Patti Jo, a brilliant idea & one my two younger g/children will enjoy making with me. Isabelle (4) is getting quite good at using her scissors (kiddies) whereas Ben (5) tends to not have enough patience & cuts chunks out instead...lol...

Liverpool UK

Jennibee's Cardspot said...

Thanks a lot, handy one to have!!! and like Maz says, I will keep it out of the sun too!! :-))

Sandy said...

I do love this and you are very creative and nothing turns me on more than a creative mind. I love snow, I love snowmen and I love snow globes -- You have it all!


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