Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Morocco Lace Border Punch Square Tutorial

 Have had questions how I got the corners to come out on the square on my Angie's Challenge card with the Morocco Lace Border Punch by EK Success.

Begin with a 5" square.  Starting in the middle, punch along one side, then punch the opposite side.

You will have about two thirds of a scallop left on each end of the border.

Punch the other two sides again starting in the middle of the side.
The end result should be nice even corners.  If there are little notches, just trim with a scissors.

I've tried this with the Fleur de Lis, but it just does not come out even, but I would think some of the other scallop punches would work well too, it is just a matter of finding what size of square to start with.

Have also had some questions about how to make the flowers.  I will be working on some very basic information to put into some tutorials and then can make some other recommendations.

If you live in the Twin Cities metro area of Minnesota, e-mail me if you are interested in attending Floral Punch classes.  (Link to e-mail is on the sidebar.)


Only by His Grace said...

Hi Patti Jo!
thanks for the tutorial. I am hopeless at doing these. I have tried too many times. Unfortunetly I don't have this punch so will ask you how to do another one of mine in an email
Hugs Marion

Chris said...

Hi Patti Jo! This is a great tutorial and it looks absolutely beautiful, thanks for sharing it. Hope you're well. Chris :)

Jennibee's Cardspot said...

Hi Patti Jo, thanks for explaining this beautiful border, will certainly be having a try at this!!

Norma said...

Patti Jo. I love this. Thanks for sharing. And yes! I have that punch!!!



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